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CUWFC is a FFSA Premier League club and as such has a right to play teams in each of the sanctioned junior age groups.  Typically there are two divisions (red and blue) in each and as such it is our aim to play both divisions although we only have an obligation to play in the higher division i.e. the “red” division.  

This allows a pathway for our younger, less experienced and or less developed (be it skill, physical or maturity) to play in the lower division. in order to develop at a pace suited to them. It also allows CUWFC to bring in new payers into teams even after the season starts. It would also allow CUWFC to bring in new payers into each age team even during the season. We are fully inclusive welcoming players from all backgrounds.

CUWFC has a proud history of producing extremely talented young players and this is demonstrated in the amount of Cumberland players that play in zone and state representative teams, FFSA development squads, including NTC, and W-League teams. We are proud to be the only SA (all female) club to have a Matilda (Senior National team) player come through our ranks in the past decade (Emma Checker).

It is also demonstrated by the amount of team success we have had over the years.  Our Junior teams are consistently competing in the upper levels of the “red” divisions and playing the latter stages of the under age cups.  Whilst this is welcome, it’s not the most important thing.  We aim to develop young ladies into good adult players.  Junior players can develop poor habits if they only strive to win leagues and cups.  As such we promote the use of the FFA National Curriculum with our junior teams.  

We have an extremely dedicated Director of Football Development; Steve Maxwell FFSA Hall of Fame inductee, former Socceroo and former Director of Coerver SA.  Maxi not only oversees the development of our players, his work with our coaches is even more important developing them and assisting them in spreading the word of the “Cumby Way” as written into our Football Charter.

We teach our new parents who show an interest in coaching how to coach the “Cumby Way” using these tools and support them as they develop into confident experienced coaches.  We afford them access to the FFA coaching courses to further their development.

While we strive to be competitive and develop a winning culture, we are also mindful that our young players have competing priorities such as family, work, study and travel. We therefore offer flexible training and playing arrangements to make it easier for our players to continue play at our club.  Having teams in both divisions makes this even easier.

The Junior Club at Cumberland strives to be a very supportive family oriented community, always trying to make new families feel welcome. 

We have only one rule if you want to join the club, be nice.  We can teach players to play football but we are more interested in developing young ladies.  That will be our largest legacy.  Once a Cumby player always a friend of Cumby.

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