Cumberland United Womens Soccer 11

Team App

Team App will be used as a primary form of team communication for 2016.

For Juniors we suggest a parent signs up as the admin, then select the player groups to each child at the club. Alternatively a more senior player can be the admin for themselves, as long as they have a email address and a smart device.

Each admin requires a unique email address (you cannot have multiple email addresses per admin), but you can have multiple admins for each player. For example, if a junior wants to receive the notifications, they can sign up and their parent can also sign up, as long as the email addresses are different. Select the access/player group you wish to receive notifications for. Committee members, Coaches, Team Managers would have access to multiple groups if they had a child also playing for the club.

If more than one parent wishes to get the notifications sent to their devices, as long as no two email addresses are the same, then both parents can utilise Team App and select which group their child belongs too.

Instructions to set up Team App on your phone:

  • Download, sign up and log in to Team App
  • Search for CUWFC
  • Click on the result with the CUWFC logo
  • Slide the toggles for the Access Groups you wish to join
  • Click 'Continue' and your request will be sent to an Admin for approval

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